Preparation prior to travel is the most important part of your journey as this will reduce the hassle of travelling. So in this section we will try to give you as much information for a safe and pleasant journey.

Obtaining Permission to enter Malaysia

Students from abroad undertaking a full-time course of study are welcome to enter Malaysia and remain for the period of their studies on the basis that they are expected to leave Malaysia when their studies are completed.  Prospective students should apply to the Malaysian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission abroad in order to obtain entry clearance before travelling to Malaysia. For the location of the Malaysian foreign mission please visit the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs

Prospective students should not enter Malaysia as visitors and then attempting to change their status to that of a student.


Students attending the University are expected to provide a financial guarantee to confirm that they are able to meet the cost of the fees and maintenance for the duration of their course. Grants and scholarships are difficult to obtain in Malaysia. It is of the utmost importance to you that you consider carefully the financial implications of studying in Malaysia so that you do not suffer unnecessary hardship or anxiety.

At present, the estimated cost of living expenses for a single student is approximately USD300-350 per month (the inflation rate for Malaysia is less than 4% per year). This is expected to cover living expenses, accommodation, clothing and study materials such as books and stationaries. Academic fees are not included in this cost. If the Government of your country has restrictions on the amount of money you are allowed to take out of the country, you will need to make the necessary arrangements in good time to ensure that the money is available for transfer to Malaysia before your departure.

Transferring Money to Malaysia

There are several methods of transferring your money, and you may wish to discuss convenience and cost with your own bank either at home or in Malaysia before deciding which system to use. The money must be deposited in the remitting bank in your home country or placed directly in the appropriate central bank before any currency transactions can take place. Note that bank accounts are only in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) - there is no US dollar account available.

Bankers Draft

These are instructions from your home bank to credit a bank in Malaysia with a specified amount of money in sterling or another currency. You can use that amount to open a bank account. This is a reliable but often slow form of transfer.

Mail or Telex Transfer

Money is transferred between banks, the telex system being safer and quicker but more expensive. You will need some money to cover your expenses for the first few days, so you are advised to bring some cash and travellers cheques with you.

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The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.