Facilities within the University

Facilities available at the Perdanasiswa are:
  1. CIMB Bank
  2. ATM Teller machines
  3. UC Travel Services
  4. POS Malaysia
  5. Pekan Buku (Bookstore)
  6. Experimental Theatre
  7. Food stores
Other services available in the University are:
  1. Rumah Universiti (Hotel and Restaurant)
  2. Baktisiswa’s food store
Within the University various facilities are available for the convenience of students and staff. Most of the facilities are located at the Perdanasiswa buildings just next to the main library.
Pekansiswa (Mini Market)
A mini market is located on the ground floor of the Baktisiswa building in the main campus. Various range of foodstuff, sporting and electrical goods are available at reasonable rate.


Monday - Saturday 0900 hr - 1700 hr
  Masjid Al-Rahman is situated at the main entrance (Kuala Lumpur entrance) to the University. A smaller mosque serving the University of Malaya Medical centre is located adjacent to the Menara Timur of the medical centre.
Banking Facilities
  CIMB - University of Malaya branch is situated on the ground floor of the main campus new administrative building. The bank also offer 24-hours Auto-Teller Machine which include cash withdrawal, cash deposit, cheque deposit, payment of utilities services and much more.
  Bank Simpanan Nasional - branch is situated in the Siswarama building of the main campus and on the ground floor of the main entrance to the Tower block of the medical centre
A travel agency is situated at the Perdanasiswa Complex for your travel needs.


  1. News
  2. Workshops & Short Courses
  3. Research
  4. Publication


The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.