Facilities within University Malaya Medical Centre and FOM

Faculty Computer Facility
FOM computer Lab

Computers facilities are available in the Faculty of Medicine Computer Laboratory (Computer Laboratory 1). This facilities are available to all students who have registered with the Laboratory.

  Other computer facility
TJ Danaraj Medical Library
Medical Library

The T.J. Danaraj Medical Library has a more extensive selection of books, literature and articles. It is located on Level 3 in the Faculty of Medicine next to the cafeteria.

[location of the SPM Library and TJ Danaraj Medical Library]

convinent store

Menara Utama (Tower Block):

  • Convenient shop - entrance
  • Drugstore - entrance
  • Fruit shop - entrance
  • Spectacle shop - entrance
  • UMMC Rehab Shopps - level 1 next to the Sport Medicine Centre

Menara Timur (East Block):

  • Souvenir shops is located at level 2 Menara Timur beside the Menara Timur entrance. The is also a pharmacy at second floor Menara Timur called Pharm UMMC. Spectacle shop also available at the Menara Utama Shops Lot. The UMMC Rehab Shoppe available at Menara Utama Level 1, beside the Sport Medicine Clinic.

Ø Looking for Fruit? Fruit shop available at Menara Utama Shops Lot.

Ø Looking for Books? Book shop available at Level 2 Menara Timur between Mail Office and Nadi IT Department.

Book Store
  The book store is situated on level-2 of the Menara Timur. The book store sells mostly medical books and also stationary and University Malaya souvenirs. Books relating to other subjects are available at the book store within the University situated at Perdanasiswa.
Within the Faculty of Medicine and University Malaya Medical Centre there is few eateries worth mentioning, and this will be the few that you will be going to while in the faculty. They are
deli france Secret Recipe located at UMMC level 1 (main lobby), it offers a choice of western food.
food court There is also food court situated in the open area on the Trauma and Emergency Building just next to the Out-Patient Clinic (RUKA)
Mosque There is a mosque serving the University of Malaya Medical centre which is located adjacent to the Menara Timur of the medical centre. The main mosque serving the University if the Masjid Al-Rahman which is situated at the Kuala Lumpur entrance to the University.
The Bank Simpanan Nasional branch is situated on the ground floor of the main entrance to the Tower block of the medical centre, another branch can be found at the Siswarama building of the main campus. Beside the bank there are also Auto-teller machines of CIMB Bank, Bank Simpanan National and Bank Islam.


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The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.