Workshop on Regression Models (3-4 November 2015)

This workshop focuses on regression models a time honoredtechnique that is used to explore the relationships between variables. The commonly used model is the linear regression model, which is useful for predicting a continuous outcome variable. However, there are situations where the outcome variable is not a continuous measurement but is a count, or measured on a nominal or ordinal scale. In such cases the linear regression model cannot be used. Depending on how the outcome variable is measured, either the Poisson, logistic or ordinal regression models are more appropriate.

Students, researchers, healthcare professionals and faculty in the health and social sciences who are interested in developing and applying statistical modelling in their work. Participants will be expected to have introductory knowledge of hypothesis testing, correlation coefficients, and simple bivariate regression.

After the workshop, participants will appreciate the basis of:

  • Regression Analysis Technique
  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Stepwise Regression Analysis
  • Poisson Regression Analysis
  • Logistic Regression Analysis
  • Ordinal Regression Analysis
After the workshop, participants will appreciate the basis of :
  • Measurement Scales
  • Developing Models
  • Writing Equations
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Making Predictions
Assoc Prof Karuthan Chinna
Assoc. Prof. Dr Karuthan Chinna is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine University Malaya. He has a Master Degree in Applied Statistics from the Michigan State University, USA and a PhD in Multivariate Quality Control from the Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. He has been teaching statistics for the last 28 years and also very active in research and consulting. He has authored and co-authored many national and international peer reviewed journal articles and has presented many papers at national and international conferences. He has published a book on Biostatistics. He has been a statistical consultant for several projects at the Ministry of Health and other institutions. His areas of interest include: - Multivariate Data Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling, Meta-analysis, Statistical Process Control, Re-sampling Techniques and Biostatistics. In 2012, Dr Karuthan Chinna has managed to published a book on "Statistical Analysis Using SPSS".
UM student / staff RM 400.00
UM staff RM 450.00
Others RM 500.00

The registration fee includes course materials and refreshment. Seats are limited to fifty participants only who have fully paid the registration fee. The selected participants will be notified by e-mail after which he/she will have to pay the registration fees in full within 15 days of the workshop; otherwise his/her place maybe allocated to another participant

Cheque/Bank Draft/Cash to be made payable to BENDAHARI UNIVERSITI MALAYA

Please send in the registration form and Cash/Cheque/Bank Draft/Local Order to the correspondence address

Max. number of participants: 50


Please complete the application form and send to:
Contact information

Ms Devi Peramalah

Ms Pek Ling

Tel: +60 (3) 7967 3797 / 3793
Fax: +60 (3) 7967 4975

Venue: Dept of SPM, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
Dates: 3-4 November 2015
Time: 0830 – 1700

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