Doctor of Public Health: List of Courses

  Compulsory Core Course
Code Title Credit hour
MOHX7101 Research Protocol Development 3
  Compulsory Internship Course
Code Title Credit hour
MOHX7180 Professional Internship 6
  Professional Area Core Courses
Code Title Credit hour
MOHX7102 Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health 3
MOHX7103 Health Policy and Leadership 3
  Professional Specialisation Courses
Code Title Credit hour
Area: Health Service Management  
MOHX7301 Human Resource Planning and Management 3
MOHX7302 Health Law and Ethics 3
MOHX7303 Health Economics 3
MOHX7304 Health Logistics Management 3
MOHX7305 Quality in Health 3
Area: Family Health  
MOHX7306 Women's Health 3
MOHX7307 Child and Adolescent Health 3
MOHX7308 Lifetime Health 3
MOHX7309 Nutrition and Lactation Management 3
MOHX7310 Society, Behaviour and Health 3
Area: Environmental Health  
MOHX7311 Environmental Pollution 3
MOHX7312 Food Technology and Health 3
MOHX7313 Waste Management 3
Area: Occupational Medicine  
MOHX7314 Human Factor and Ergonomic 3
MOHX7315 Disability Assessment 3
MOHX7316 Occupational Lung Disease 3
MOHX7317 OSH Management Systems 3
Area: Epidemiology in Health  
MOHX7318 Advanced Epidemiology 3
MOHX7319 Clinical Epidemiology 3
MOHX7320 Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases 3
MOHX7321 Epidemiology of Non Communicable Diseases 3
Area: Biomedical Statistics  
MOHX7322 Analysis of Rates and Propotions 3
MOHX7323 Statistical Computing 3
MOHX7324 Introduction to Meta-analysis 3
MOHX7325 Principles of Clinical Trials 3
MOHX7326 Factor Analyses 3
MOHX7327 Time Series 3


Some of the professional specialisation courses may not be available


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The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.