Vision and Mission


To become the institution of excellence which will provide leadership in activities for the education, training, research, development, spread and provision of service in the domain of Public Health and in all the specialities associated with it.


The Department views its mission at the undergraduate level as being charged with the responsibility, via the medical undergraduate instructional programme, for the preparation of the potential graduate to take up duties in the running of health programmes for the community in all parts of the nation and to be able to operate from the national health care service system effectively and efficiently (at the level of the medical officer).

The Department views its mission at the post-graduate level as being charged with the responsibility, via its post-graduate public health training programmes, to produce a doctor who may be considered as a professional and a specialist in the general domain of public health as well as in a particular chosen specialty within it.

The Department also considers in its mission to share the knowledge and skills gained in its various activities with others who are interested. This is envisaged to be achieved in various ways including the conduct of short courses from time to time.


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The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.